Elect Kee Bryant-McCormick
Sumner County General Sessions Judge

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Commitment to Justice

Impeccable Integrity

Heart for Community

Keep Kee Bryant-McCormick as General Sessions Judge for Division III for her proven record of accomplishments, commitment to justice, and extensive experience in civil and criminal law. With a dedication to community welfare, a history of servant leadership, and 15+ years of legal practice, Kee is the ideal candidate to lead and improve the judicial system in Sumner County.

Let's keep Judge kee

With a commitment to service and a proven record of accomplishments in just a year, it is clear that Kee Bryant-McCormick should remain as General Sessions Judge for Division III. Her dedication to justice, fairness, and community welfare makes her the ideal candidate to continue leading and improving the judicial system in Sumner County.

Kee considers serving as a judge the ultimate way to give her time, talent, and treasure to the people of Sumner County. Her extensive experience representing the government, corporate, and public sectors in civil and criminal law showcases her breadth of expertise.

In addition to serving as judge, Kee regularly serves nonprofit and education organizations while nurturing her family, including raising a special-needs son, Chase, with her husband of 24 years, Sjohn. This strong record of servant leadership underscores her dedication to the community’s well-being.

Her 15+ years of practicing law, combined with her commitment to protecting law and order, further solidify her as the ideal candidate for the position. With Kee Bryant-McCormick, Sumner County has an experienced, compassionate, and dedicated leader. Keep Kee as Judge and ensure that Sumner County continues to benefit from her unwavering service and commitment to justice.