Kee Bryant-


for general sessions judge

Experienced Law Professional. Protector of Law & Order. Heart for Service. 

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sumner county court

Experienced Law Professional.

general sessions court sumner

Protector of Law & Order.

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Heart for


Kee considers serving as a judge as the ultimate way to continue what she has been doing for the past 23 years – giving her time, talent, and treasure to the people of Sumner County. She has represented the government, corporate, and public sectors in her professional life, practicing both civil and criminal law.

In addition, she regularly serves our nonprofit and education organizations while raising a special-needs son, Chase, with her husband of 23 years, Sjohn. Her strong record of servant leadership, her commitment to protecting law and order, and her 15+ years of practicing law make her the ideal candidate. Elect Kee to the Court. 

It will be Kee’s honor to keep people safe, protect the law, and serve our county as judge for our General Sessions Court.

Elect Kee:
Republican Primary Election May 3, 2022
General Election August 2, 2022